look at these losers

i miss these losers

a hobby a lot of shitty parents seem to share is being absent/neglectful and/or abusive in multiple other ways for most of their child’s childhood only to come slinking back once they’re older and play a buddy role as if nothing happened. and like they didn’t ruin so many things for that child. and like they didn’t leave a kid feeling so god damn guilty, thinking for years that they did something wrong to deserve it through words and actions. and, buddy, let me tell you:

your awful ass didn’t want to be a good parent

you don’t get to be a friend

we’re not friends

[replies to a roleplay 100 years after the other person replied] hello



[sees a barn owl] david bowie is that you

Eat? That’s ridiculous, mothers don’t eat daughters!

the only reaction images i need

i don’t want to hug someone just for the sake of hugging someone. no. oh no. i want to hug them so i can absorb all of their warmth for my own. mine. all mine. i’m so damn freezing

people calling felix creepy is weird to me b/c

look at that happy bird