like anything regarding/involving archery

  • yes
  • yeah
  • good
  • very good
  • you have my full attention

no ok the bow and arrow thing

you know the thing

where one person is helping the other shoot

positioning their arm

instructing them

really close

i’m all about that

but why


me: i love roleplaying
me: roleplaying is so fun
me: this is a fun time
me: takes 90 years to reply

peter pan

keeping his pots and pans and pancake mix

in the peter pantry

help me

if you don’t love felix you’re wrong sorry


peter no

I may not be the most well-behaved boy on the island, but I always keep my promises.


sweaters and summer go great together and also i feel cute today so there’s that

Felix - “Once Upon a Time” Season 3, Episode 3.

regina spektor songs are like always

  • really beautiful in some way
  • really painful in some way
Regina Spektor - Samson
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