Jack fixes her gaze… Holds it… There’s nothing but the two of them. […] And just like that, Jack’s demeanor changes. A light is switched on inside him and the last thing that could be happening is what is actually happening.

Fall Out Boy - I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers
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fall out boy feels more like family than my actual family does. i’d eat dinner with every member of fall out boy. they probably all hope i succeed and accomplish my goals. they all support me and wish me the best probably

it’s september wtf


Peter Pan | 1953


You see, perhaps Felix never understood why he stopped being able to hear Peter Pan’s music pipe, or why he stopped dancing with the rest of the boys who were all enchanted by the tune. Little did Felix know, it is because he is very much loved by. That he was no longer an unloved boy. In fact, Felix is the person who Peter Pan loves the most.




someone describe this

super gay with a side of “did you hear that im so clever felix pay attention to me”

so be it

hello aesthetic seller. i am going into battle and i want your strongest aesthetics

someone describe this

my aesthetic

  • writes a fic
  • is afraid to post it
  • never posts it